about me

I’m a New Jersey native who has currently uprooted to Denver, Colorado. I am a dog mom of the world’s cutest puppy duo (unbiased, of course), a full-time systems engineer, and a personal trainer.

I created Her Fit Friend because I am passionate about fitness and women. I am a big proponent of living healthy lifestyles, with the knowledge that not everyone is given the same access to them.

Globally, women are less active than men, largely due to a greater number of barriers, such as lack of confidence (women are more likely to experience weight stigma), discomfort being in a male-dominated space, and gender roles (not having time due to being the main source of childcare or other unpaid household labor).

Most of our current health and exercise research has been done on young, white men.

The health and fitness system was not designed for us.

“But like, you review… sports bras?”

Our current diet, fashion, beauty, and wellness industries thrive on deception. They scream that we are not enough that our bodies must be thin, that our faces must be beautiful (based on Eurocentric standards), that we must be constantly “perfecting” our looks. (And then, they make fun of us for being shallow, lol.)

My promise to you is to always give my honest feedback. To hold companies accountable. To find and test products by businesses who use ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials, are women and/or BIPOC-owned.

A well-fitting sports bra will not change the world.

But women who learn they do not have to shrink to fit into that sports bra, will.


<3, Nikki